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We are a community of people who believe the fastest way to impact gender equality in venture capital and the distribution of capital in start up land is to activate gender diverse activities. This means #FiftyFifty activities in marketing, education and outreach programs; this also applies to Venture Firms and Start Ups themselves. This is a universal problem in the technology industry.

These activities not only change the audience you connect with, it changes the pipeline mix in deal flow, recruitment, project teams; the entire dialogue internally and your brand equity externally. We have also found it creates a diverse audience beyond gender.

We go beyond gender equality on speaker panels this is about a pledge to create initiatives which deliver gender equality in the audience. How hard can it be.

About FiftyFiftyPledge

Why is Gender Equality in Venture Capital an issue?

Put simply only 7% of Investing Partners at Venture Capital firms are female & only 2% of Venture Capital dollars are invested in Start Ups with a Female Founder

We believe these lag indicators will not change fast enough if we focus on them – no matter how terrible they are, they will not change quickly by focusing on these two data points.

Why is Gender Equality for Start Ups an issue?

You are ignoring half of humanity. Even the great success you might be having is despite your ability to engage a female audience in a way which makes them engage en mass or in other words you’re not crossing the gender chasm.

People must join an expanding community dedicated to changing the top of the funnel activities for change to occur faster. – marketing, educational programs and outreach in both Venture and Start Ups

Through the sharing of beliefs, ideas and activities we can make a profound impact quickly & unlock the unrealised potential of women and men for good.

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