Bringing a passion to life…

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Through Suki & Chris #fiftyfitypledge was formed and since then we’ve engaged with some of the founding ambassadors to help bring this to life.

A website is formed; but it’s work in progress and always will be right? We’re new, learning and excited about the potential growth of this so we’ve skilled up the website to do what we think it should do on day one but we know we’ll look different in the next 2 months.

Feedback ideas, suggestions and comments on the way we look and operate as we want to accelerate our ability to expand and without you it simply won’t work.

Enablement on day one…

We’ve lifted the hood on a blank canvas so our feature set from day one includes;

  • The ability to pledge as an individual
  • Pledge your company and engage with us on your website
  • subscribe to news and think about pledging; you ultimately will/should want to soon enough.
  • share; socially we need to feel the love so our sharing mechanisms make this easy

Our next release won’t be far behind so if you want to know when this happens subscribe today!

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